Top 3 Home Gym Basics That Save Money

by Jessica Sanders

dumbbells at home gymSo you can’t afford a gym membership, and you don’t want to rise with the sun to get a run in before work.

Well, creating your own home gym can be an affordable and convenient option.

Getting the right equipment, or opting for a no-equipment home gym gives you the chance to work out when your schedule allows without breaking the bank.

Your own home gym doesn’t have to be traditional equipment based. There are a number of options available to make this work for your particular lifestyle; from workout videos to commercial ab sprints, you’ll get more if you make it your own. Check out the basics and build from there.

Budget All-In-One Equipment

Your home gym doesn’t have to have special equipment for each aspect of your workout; in fact doing so will definitely put you over budget. But, purchasing a few “all-in-one” items can save you money while still giving you maximum workout results. While the usual dumbbells and treadmill may seem like a good fit, these three options allow you to make the most of each workout for the least amount of cash.

• A Yoga Ball: Invest in a $20 yoga ball and take advantage of the many ab, butt, leg and arm workouts you can do with it. Watch TV sitting on your yoga ball and try a variety of moves during commercial breaks.

• Medicine Ball: Work your abs, toss it back and forth for an arm workout, or release some aggression by throwing it to the ground; which inadvertently is a good workout, as well.

• Resistance bands: Great for your arms, legs and abs, resistance bands are a budget friendly tool for an all over workout. You can even bring them to work for a discreet lunchtime fit session.

Home Gym Supplements

By supplements I don’t mean protein powder or health-packed vitamins. Sometimes great workouts come in different forms. So, while the right equipment is important for an effective home gym, there are other items that can be just as effective and even more cost efficient.

Workout Video: Workout videos can be a great way to stay focused while working out with the temptations of home all around. Choose a video such as Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, and scorch calories in a quick 20 minute workout.

Video Games: If you have a game console, consider purchasing health conscious games for yourself. While games can be expensive, peruse the sale section, or opt for a new game as opposed to other gym equipment.

• YouTube Sessions: A simple search for “Workout videos” on YouTube yields well over a million results. Specify your search or browse the selections for the workout of your choice.

Using Your Body

Though the preferred method of working out may include a variety of equipment, it’s not necessary to get a thorough and effective sweat session. suggests, “… With little or no equipment required for a fantastic workout, you can do it at home, or wherever you are.” But, before getting started, it’s important to remember a few key components.

• Keep your Heart Rate Up: The key to working out with no equipment is to get your body working hard. Mix in strength moves such as squats or pushups with cardio moves such as “jump roping,” jumping jacks or jogging in place – and move quickly between moves, with little to no rest in between.

Use Your Home Goods: If you want some weight, use cans of soup, heavy books or other objects in your house.

Push the Extra Mile: When you hit your last rep, do two more. Optimal burn happens when you’ve reached your breaking point – so hit it hard and push that little extra.

Compound Exercise: Be sure to include exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time. Try jump squats, dips and burpees.

Working out can be inexpensive and effective, even if you are doing it in front of the TV in your own living room. Not only can your wallet breathe easier, but it may be more convenient – allowing you to get in workouts regardless of your daily schedule. Choose the best home workout method for your budget, and get started.

(Jessica Sanders is a professional blogger, writing for a variety of publications about women’s health and lifestyle. She helps families stay healthy as the blogger for mygofer, a grocery delivery service, and shares her health knowledge across the web.)

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