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Losing Weight Naturally Over Time

Why to Avoid Extreme Diets and Workout Routines

by Jake Long We’ve all been through it, or know someone that’s been through it. Your friend is a major workout fanatic, and you want to get in shape. So one day you decide that you’re going to work out with him. He says, “Yeah, okay, that’s awesome.” He’s not really thinking about what condition your […]

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Paleo nutrition

Ten Health Benefits of Paleo Diet

by Ira Braceloff The Paleo diet, simply put, imitates the eating habits of our ancestors. The term Paleo means primitive or very early. Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, and they foraged animals and plants. The Paleo diet promotes the minimalist lifestyle of the caveman, eliminating the processed and embracing the natural. The basic premise […]

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diet woman kicking donut snacks on white

Why You Should NOT Diet

by Audrey Porterman Beach season is just around the corner. The cover of every fashion magazine in the checkout line is screaming at you that time is running out to lose weight and offering you miracle diets to help you shed pounds fast. Yet how many times have you dieted in the past unsuccessfully? Or […]

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Colors of Health - Fruits and Vegetables

Fight Cancer by Adding These Vitamins and Spices to Your Diet

by Melanie Bowen Nutrition plays a significant role in a person’s health and well-being. Growing evidence shows that a healthy diet is good ammunition in the fight against cancer and other chronic illnesses. From autoimmune illnesses to rare cancers like mesothelioma, quality of life is important for those on the journey to healing or road […]

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