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If you are interested in writing a guest post for this website, you can send your proposed topic through this page. If you have a healthy living blog or if you are interested in sharing your ideas about eating or living healthy on a budget, we strongly encourage you to submit a guest post. Guest posting is a great way to increase visibility to your blog or website.

What Do We Publish?

We consider articles related to the theme of this site. The guest post should consist of at least 750 words. The article can be related to nutrition, fitness, yoga or any health topic. We promote articles about natural health because this strengthens your immune system so that you save money by not being sick. You also reduce your risk for several chronic diseases.

We are not critics of modern medicine. Although it is not a good idea to be dependent on modern pharmaceutical drugs the rest of our lives, modern medicine has saved lives and done some wonderful things especially in emergency situations. So we also consider guest posts about saving money on hospital bills, dental or optical care, and medicines.

We do not want to publish an article about the same idea over and over again. So it is a good idea to take a look at what articles this site has already published or propose what you are planning to write about.

Expedite Email Response for Guest Posts

Lately we have become overwhelmed with the number of guest post submissions. Since we do not respond to all posts, some authors have sent us multiple requests through twitter, facebook and several other channels. Generally our policy has been to respond to only guest post requests that stand out.

So we would like to trial a new system so that you will get a response. If you prefer to get a response within 3 business days for your email, please purchase the “Expedite Email” option for $10 below. This option will guarantee that you will get a one-time response from us within 3 business days but does not guarantee we will accept your post. For us to accept your post, you will still need to meet the stringent guidelines listed below.

You do not need to pay for us to respond to your email. We will still respond to the best guest post request whether it is paid or not. This is just a way for an author to reach us without waiting for a long time or find out the status of their request.

Click on Buy Now for Quick Response for Status

Purchasing this option will only guarantee a response but does not mean we will accept and publish your post. If we decide to accept your post, it will still go through the normal review process before it gets published. 

Common Reasons for Not Accepting Articles

Since we have started to receive a high volume of guest post requests, we may not be able to reply all emails. However, we will always reply if we like your article idea or guest post. You will usually hear from us within 1-2 weeks. Some common reasons for rejections are:

  1. The body of the email contains too many grammatical errors. If your email contains several basic errors, that cannot be a sign of a high quality post in the future.
  2. Guest Post is too short or contains too many grammatical errors. We generally require at least 750 words. (Sometimes we may make an exception if the post is exceptional with a unique idea.)
  3. Topic is not relevant to our niche.
  4. The post is difficult to read or it does not provide any useful information to our readers. If you are new to writing for websites, you can read about best guest post practices before contacting us.
  5. The guest post is too promotional. If the guest post reads like an ad, there is no reason why we should promote your product.
  6. Sometimes your email can go to spam without us ever seeing your request. You can check whether major email providers such as gmail automatically send your email to the spam box.
  7. We accept only posts which have never been published before. We use tools such as Grammarly or Copyscape to check for plagiarism.

For additional information, please take a look at our article guidelines. Or please send your question or guest post through the form below.

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