Medical Discounts in the Internet Age

by Samantha Peters

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Paying for medical expenses, like prescription medications or doctor visits, is challenging for many individuals. Even health insurance does not always cover necessary expenses for certain procedures and medications. While challenges arise, the Internet has opened new doors to getting appropriate care without the high cost.

Here are some ways you can find discounts for medical services and pharmaceutical medicines.

Look at Pharmaceutical Programs Online

Pharmaceutical companies often offer programs that help patients who are struggling to pay for prescription medications. You can go online to find information about the available programs for particular medications. The Internet is a living museum of information–why not take advantage of its resources?

The programs are specifically designed for lower income individuals and usually apply to long-term medications rather than short-term options for infections or similar needs. The company will often offer payment assistance programs, reductions or even free prescriptions for low-income families or those who have insurance plans that do not cover the particular medication.

The online websites of the pharmaceutical company will often have information about the available programs offered through the company to individuals who need medications. This is becoming an increasingly efficient way to learn about different meds.

Consider Coupons

Online coupons are often issued by doctors, dentists and other medical professionals for services like a checkup, physical or even expensive procedures. The online coupons are usually available through doctor websites or on coupon websites that cater to medical services. There is no shortage of discounts in this industry for those willing to hunt for them.

The medical coupons offered online can dramatically cut the cost of medical visits or services. Depending on the particular coupon, consumers can receive as much as 50 percent or more off regular treatments like tooth cleaning or a basic medical checkup.

While coupons are available, consumers should always look into the advertised procedures and the doctor before making a decision about the service. Coupons are often provided for only one-time visits only or for a particular service that is not usually covered by insurance providers. As a result, it might not be the best service for individual needs or the doctor might be too far out of the way.

Look at Online Pharmacies

When it comes to prescription medications, online pharmacies often offer special rates, coupon codes or samples that can help bring down the cost of medications. The pharmacies vary in the available discounts and often change the discounted medications to help draw in new clients who are willing to send out for medications rather than going directly to their personal pharmacy.

The online pharmacy will offer discounts on specific items, services or first time buyers. The key to finding the best online discounts is paying attention to the requirements to receive the coupon code or get the discounted price.

Look for Free Shipping

Purchasing prescriptions online can result in major cost reductions due to coupons, but the shipping adds to the expense unexpectedly. Some pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies offer free or discounted shipping along with the low prescription cost.

Visit Doctor Websites

Doctor websites will often offer special deals and rates on prescriptions, samples and medical services. The rates are only available at the doctor’s office, so it is important to look up reviews on the doctor before taking any online deals through the doctor’s website. There is a personal responsibility that goes into taking medications; make sure you’re doing your due diligence.

Consider Group Deals

With options like Groupon or similar online group coupon deals, it is possible to find low-cost medical services, prescriptions and other discounted options. The key is finding a group discount deal that is appropriate for personal needs.

Since group deals often offer daily discounts, it is important to keep an eye on the available daily deals to find applicable medical services or prescription discounts. The daily deals offer the opportunity to save more than 50 percent on some prescriptions or medical services.

Consider Social Media

Social media has sparked a revolution in savings. By joining social media groups or liking a medical company or your doctor’s facebook page, it is possible to gain special rates on prescriptions or medical services. These special coupons are only available on the social media source, so it is important to look for the rates with nearby hospitals, doctor’s offices or even pharmacies.

While the best credit card compare website and best banking options might seem like an appropriate way to save money, medical services are not often discounted. Fortunately, online websites, coupons and services have made it possible to reduce prices on needed medical care or prescriptions.

(This is a guest Post written by Samantha Peters, an avid blogger who enjoys writing about various health and education topics like the Big Apple Rx Card.)

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