5 Home Remedies To Prevent and Treat Pink Eye

by John Maddox

Pink eye is an embarrassing problem to have to deal with if you have to go out in public. Pinkeye can also become a more serious problem if your immune system is weakened.

The medical name for pink eye is conjunctivitis because it affects the conjunctiva, which is the membrane lining of your eyelids that keeps your eyeballs and eyelids moist. Tears are actually what help the conjunctiva protect the eyes by washing away bacteria.

Some of the common causes of this infection include diseases or infections brought on by certain bacteria or viruses, dry eyes, chemicals, smoke, and allergies. If you find that your pinkeye keeps coming back after treatment then you probably have an underlying problem such as a disease or illness in your body.

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of these diseases that can cause frequent pinkeye. However, it will be up to your healthcare professional to determine what your underlying cause is.

The kind of symptoms you experience depends on the kind of pink eye you’re suffering from. There are 4 main categories of pink eye that a person can catch. You may have (i) viral pinkeye, (ii) bacterial pinkeye, (iii) allergic pinkeye, or (iv) chemical pinkeye.

Preventative Measures

Some of the things you can do to avoid pinkeye and keep it from spreading include:

• Do not share eye products such as contact lenses.

• Clean contact lenses properly.

• Wash hands before touching your eyes.

• Change pillowcases as much as you can.

• Avoid sharing handkerchiefs.

• Disinfect anything that can spread the infection such as sinks, doorknobs, light switches, and countertops.

When it comes to treatment for pink eye, home remedies work really well. Check out these 5 remedies you can use to heal your pink eye infection.

Cold or Warm Compress

Using cold or warm compress is one of the best home remedies to treat pink eye. To make a compress you’ll need to soak a small towel or rag in water and then wring it out before placing it over your eyelids. A warm compress usually works better for viral pinkeye, while a cold compress will normally work better for allergic or bacterial pinkeye.

Whether you use cool water or warm water compress is totally up to which one feels better for you. You could also try using a herbal compress by applying a chamomile tea bag or a specially made herbal compress to soothe your eyes.

You can add a tablespoon of the chamomile herb to a cup of boiling water to make a tea you can use as a compress. With whatever compress you use just make sure you apply it numerous times each day until symptoms are gone.

Artificial Tears

You can find over the counter artificial tears at your local health store to fight pink eye. There are a number of different brands on the market and they all can help you treat this problem. You don’t need a prescription for artificial tears and they help treat pink eye by increasing the production of tears to stop the dryness and irritation of pinkeye.


That’s right, believe it or not but breastmilk has been known to get rid of pinkeye. This home remedy involves applying a little amount of breastmilk to the affected eye. What makes breastmilk such a great home remedy for pink eye is the antibody known as immunoglobulin A.

This antibody will keep the bacteria or virus causing the pinkeye from attaching to the mucosal surface of the eye. To use breastmilk as a treatment simply apply a small amount of the milk to your eye and then raise your eyelid a little to help the milk reach all the areas of your eye. Keep doing this home remedy each day for as long as it takes for symptoms to leave.

Salted Water

Salted water is one of the easiest home remedies you can use to treat your pinkeye. Simply boil some water and then let it cool a little before adding salt. Now use some cotton balls to apply the salt-water solution to your closed eye.

Make sure you are lying down and your face is upward so you can allow it to sit there for around five minutes. This home remedy for pinkeye may hurt a little but it will quickly kill off the bacteria causing the problem.


That’s right, your favorite beverage in the morning can help get rid of your pinkeye. Simply brew some coffee like you normally would and then allow it to cool before applying a few drops into your eye.

Once you have applied the drops of coffee rinse it out with some water after a couple minutes. The coffee will help reduce the dryness caused by the pinkeye infection and help your tears start working to eliminate the bacteria causing the infection.

These are some preventative measures and home remedies you can use to treat pink eye. With whatever treatment you use make sure you consistently treat yourself each day until symptoms are gone.

Apply caution and common sense when you use these home remedies. Never apply hot salted water or coffee because this will burn your eyes. It is a good idea to consult your health professional before trying these remedies. If the symptoms get worse, you should contact your doctor immediately.

(John is trained in home remedies and herbal medicine and contributes to popular sites like his own http://youryeastinfectionhomeremedy.com/. John cares for the environment, people, animals, and a healthy lifestyle. You can click here to learn more about different home remedies.)

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