Why We Love to Relax with Yoga Retreats and You Should Too!

by Audrey Throne 

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Yoga retreats are always relaxing and can help you take a break from life’s daily routine. These retreats are for people who enjoy a lifestyle of health and wellness as they can help you move out of your comfort zone into a space of growth where you also get to meet and see new people and places.

Hundreds and thousands of people around the world travel to breathtakingly beautiful locations every year to witness and experience these retreats.

Nowadays you can travel to almost any destination for a yoga retreat, and these journeys come with numerous physical, emotional and psychological benefits too. One should plan this type of travel break every once in a while rather than only typical sightseeing.

Here are the 10 reasons why we love yoga retreats and you will too!

1. Make new friends

New friendships are bound to happen when a group of like-minded people get together at an exotic location. You always get to learn something new when you practice yoga with other people from around the world.

Such gatherings help you realize that, although everyone is unique and different, we all are connected at a human level. What’s more, these retreats allow you to build camp fires and share memorable times as you make new friends from around the world.

2. Deepen your practice

Going on a yoga retreat can take your yoga practice to the next level. Being regular at your yoga practice is very important. If you take regular classes, you will get to realize how it feels to practice daily.

If you really want to experience the postural and meditative of yoga, then you better set a goal of practicing daily, even if for a few minutes. There are some retreats that offer teacher training programs that allow you share what you have learnt with the world so others can also benefit from it.

3. Rest and relax

Retreats are all about you; your yoga practice and meditation, and eating healthy. At times it’s good to give yourself the permission to truly relax. Being on a retreat lets you listen to your body, rest when you need it and be free from the usual stresses of life.

Often retreats include deliciously healthy meals, and if your retreat is all-inclusive you get to enjoy 3 healthy and wholesome meals every day.

4. Gives a real time off

Yoga retreats are true love as they give you a real time off. You are asked to put all your gadgets and devices away and really unwind. Even when we go on holidays, our phones and laptops continue to beep. It is immensely important for your health to take some time off the digital noise.

5. Yoga retreats improve your psychological/mental well being

Life is full of stresses and many people feel as if they are carrying the entire world on their shoulders. Do you know with the help of yoga retreats and meditation you can relieve stress and actually prevent diseases from happening to you?  Yoga is about concentrating on your breathing and body, which is a great way to relieve worries and soothe a person’s mind and spirit

6. Mood stabilization

Are you one of those who are continuously worried about their work or relationships? Do you feel anxiety all the time? If so, then you must go on a yoga retreat.

There are many physical and emotional benefits of yoga. We all know that continuous stress can cause a lot of health-related issues, but what you may not know is that it can also deeply affect our moods.

We all are a victim of mood swings, however, with the help of yoga retreats and meditation you can not only experience improved health and reduction in stress levels, but your moods can also significantly improve as you learn to inculcate conscious living into your life

7. Relaxing getaway

Yoga retreats are often conducted in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. You have the liberty to schedule a massage or other spa treatments in your free time, and spend the rest of your days exploring scenic views and hiking.

And above all, what could be better than practicing yoga on a beach or on top of a mountain, absorbing all the beautiful sights and sounds of nature as you stretch and relax your body

8. To support a life change or transition

Life is all about change. Changes are bound to happen as change is the only constant in life. When we experience a turning point in our lives, when there are upsetting challenges or people we counted on turn their back on us, such retreats can help us deal with change in better ways.

If you are rearranging your life in any way, such as career change, moving, or going through divorce, or mourning the loss of a loved one, or even getting married, then going on a yoga retreat could help you gain inner peace, clarity of thought and tranquility.

9. A healthy outlook

Health is always a top concern and the goal of any fitness plan. Going on a yoga retreat and practicing yoga at an exotic location can be beneficial both physically and mentally.

Through the various postures, breathing techniques and meditation, physical and mental limits are expanded and broadened. Physical limits are tested to produce healthy bodies, while mental testing leads us to emotional benefits such as reduction of stress improvement of memory and mood.

10. Have fun because you deserve it

You live a busy life with hardly any ‘me’ time for yourself. You work hard on your career and family, but ‘you’ come at the very end of your life’s list.

Every individual has a right to enjoy life to its fullest. The secret to happiness is deciding what you really want and then in making it happen. No excuses. So what’s keeping you away from booking a yoga retreat?

(Audrey Throne is a content producer and writes about fitness and Yoga related topics as a passion. She has attended multiple Yoga retreats and openly share her experience, tips, suggestions regarding Yoga, fitness, and mind-body relaxation.)

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