Food Inc Review

Directed by Robert Kenner
Guest Contributor
Jan 9, 2011

I used to not care about food I ate before I watched Food, Inc. It opened my eyes about the food I am eating and how unnatural it is for me to eat processed meat coming from cows and chicken eating unnatural food and living unnaturally. The film discusses how corporate farming in the United States produces unnatural and unhealthy food. I learned how production of meat and genetically modified food in the US is not only environmentally unsustainable but also harmful to our bodies.

This is a must-watch documentary film if you ever wonder where you food comes. Most people who grow in urban areas have never seen how plants grow or how animals before slaughter are raised. All we see is some sandwich with meat and some french fries in our plates. Then we complain later how we are affected by hypertension, unnatural cholesterol levels (not enough good cholesterol and too much bad cholesterol) and stress. We attribute all these symptoms to stress in modern lifestyle, but we never think about how food we are eating is causing some of these diseases.

Overall, this is an entertaining film which will give you plenty of aha moments. The film may be slightly biased against big companies that contribute to these practices, but it is very educational for anyone. My main learning from this movie was how powerful we as consumers are and how can we can choose to be healthy by saying no to unhealthy food sources.

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