Delicious Apple Juice Recipes for Beginners

by Matt Cruz

Recently you may have heard about the latest development in apple juices - Arsenic in 10% of Apple, Grape Juice Samples Too High. As a result, more and more people are questioning bottled juices. When you are mass manufacturing apple juices, or any other juices for that matter, quality is always compromised to an extent.

When concentrated juices are diluted with water and sugar is added, vital nutrients are lost through the whole process. So making your own batches is cheaper, in the short term as well as the long term. And on top of that you know what is going in your juice. Home made apple juice recipes prove very healthy, as apples are great for your bones, healthy cholesterol levels, and weight loss. Keep in mind that most of an apple’s vitamin C content lies within its skin.

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So it is a good idea to invest in a juicer to make your own juice.

Now that you’ve gotten a juicer, what do you do now? Well, the next step is to decide which juicing recipe you’d like to try. I have listed four of my personal favorite recipes below; surely at least one of them will suit you.

The Refreshing Apple-O-Mint

This potent juice takes advantage of the herb mint. It includes three red apples, two oranges, and a small handful of mint. Mint is a great choice for a juice such as this, because of its health advantages and unique taste. Mint has many critical minerals everyone needs, such as potassium, iron, calcium, copper, and also magnesium. Overall, herbs are a great choice when tailoring a juice.

The Big Apple:

This spectacular juice is quite simple, but leaves you wanting more. It is a very sweet juice, secretly holding spinach within. The spinach is crucial as it is packed full of iron, which does wonders for a person’s body. The recipe is as follows: one green apple, one red apple, one pear, one orange, and the two handfuls of spinach mentioned before.

Superfruits to the Rescue!

This interesting juice has many appealing aspects to offer. It contains the superfruits blueberries and goji berries; they are named as such because they’re just that, super. The only downfall of this recipe is the price of goji berries. To find them, search in your local health food store; keep in mind that I only recommend this recipe for special occasions. Included within the juice are two green apples, two handfuls of blueberries, one celery stick, one whole carrot, and of course ten goji berries.

Enzymes: Muscle’s Best Friend

The most critical aspect of this juice is the enzyme that lies within. This enzyme, bromelain, comes from the pineapple in the juice. In flavor alone, apples go brilliantly with pineapples; this recipe provides other advantages too. Bromelain is an enzyme that breaks down protein, so it can aid your body in certain critical functions. If you have enough of it, it can help you amass muscle on a high-protein diet. The ingredients in this recipe are three slices of pineapple, two red apples, and a handful of both spinach and grapes.

There are a couple of tips that I’ve learned throughout my years in juicing. One of them is that the skins and remains of fruit that are left in the juicer contain a very high amount of fiber. If you’re interested in adding more fiber in your diet, which most people should do, then it is wise to put some of these remains directly into your juice.

Another tip, similar to this, I recommend is not peeling your fruit before using them in your juices. Most skins of fruits and vegetables contain many great nutrients; just be sure to wash them carefully as they’re full of pesticides and other such things.

Slicing Perfection

It is important to understand how to properly cut an apple, if you want to make juice. The most effective way to cut them is to buy an apple slicer and corer. If you’re eager to dive into making your own juice, don’t worry you can still prepare your apples; follow these few steps.

-Place your apple on a flat surface, stem up, in preparation to cut

-Make four cuts on every side of the apple’s core, as to leave it in a rectangular shape

-Dispose of the core and other wastes

-Chop the apple into a few smaller pieces, so they fit into the juicer easily.

Consuming healthy apple juice recipes may not provide a guarantee to “keep the doctor away”, but it will sure be the first step in doing so.

(Matt Cruz is an avid juicer, health fanatic and blogger. He is the founder of Tailored Juicing, a new approach to juicing which brings juicing to the 21st century. For more on apple juice recipes, you can visit his website at

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  1. For most common recipes, do you recommend ordinary juicers you buy at a grocery store? Or does it have to be a specialized juicer?

  2. If your looking to juice a lot, investing in a good quality juicer is a smart idea. Although the juicers at the grocery stores are just as good as the pricer juicers, they just don’t have all the bells and whistles that the expensive ones do. I recommend the Kuvings, it’s the cheapest quality juicer:

  3. As a mom with a juice guzzling toddler, the whole arsenic scare has really freaked me out. I always wished I would’ve invested in a juicer and made my own baby food, but now with this recent new scare, I’m seriously considering making my own juice too!