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Six Simple Ways of Beating Summer Depression

by Ethel Huizar How can “summer” and “depression” even share the same sentence? Doesn’t this completely shake up the laws of the universe? Summer is the season that’s most often associated with relaxation, with sunny days, and the opportunity to take a break from the stress that’s typically weighing you down, especially if you’re a […]

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Tips to Get Your Body Summer-Ready

Summer is just around the corner!  Looking and feeling your best are goals that you hope to achieve by then.  But where should you begin?  You’ve been stuck indoors all winter, and you’ve put on a few extra pounds.  Your skin has grown dull over the past months.  Even your energy level is not where it should be!  […]

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Five Summer Safety Tips for Athletes and Outdoor Enthusiasts

by Samantha Peters Summer is here. This means that many student athletes will be spending their free time playing sports. Sports are a great way to stay active and stay out of trouble. However, studies have shown that thousands of athletes get injured each year while playing a sport. Many summer sporting injuries are the […]

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