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Running vs. Cycling: Which One is More Effective For Weight Loss?

by David Veibl Well the answer is that it depends. Running and cycling use most of the same muscles, but they work those muscles in completely different ways. Since the mechanics of running and cycling aren’t the same, the muscles go through different stages, movements, and levels of strain. When running, the muscles of the lower […]

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Six Tips to Become a Better Runner

by Charles Duncan Running is a highly aerobic exercise that reaps fantastic physical results. Running will burn calories at an intense rate that will allow you to shed fat in hard to lose places such as the belly. It is also an excellent way to strengthen vital organs such as the lungs, brain, and cardiovascular […]

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Running As a Hobby – 5k Running Tips For Beginners

by Slavko Desik Running is one of those activities that people either love or hate at the beginning. But the true passion for running doesn’t necessarily start with putting your shoes on, or even with the first mile behind you. It’s more of a relationship building thing, if you know what I mean. Going through […]

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Save Money By Turning Your Commute Into A Workout

by Sam Peters Gas prices are expected to hit record highs across much of the Western world this summer. Thanks to tension with Iran, political instability in the Middle East, OPEC restrictions, and a skyrocketing demand among middle classes in developing countries, the cost of oil has been rising rapidly in recent months and is […]

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