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pregnant woman standing on a weighing scale

8 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss After Pregnancy

by Zyana Morris Most women are often concerned about their appearance, even when it’s during and after a pregnancy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, a healthy well-taken care of body is a sign of a healthy mind and soul. Right after the delivery, one of the things that bug new moms is […]

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Mother and Baby

Essential Plant-Based Vitamins for Women During Pregnancy

by Priyanka Arora As the pregnancy due date calculator begins to tick, it becomes more important for pregnant women to maintain a healthy diet for herself and the baby. This is the time when a woman has to eat a balanced diet not only her herself but for the growing baby. Vitamins and minerals form […]

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Group Exercise Photo

Boot Camp for the Baby Bump – Safe Exercises for Pregnant Mothers

by Brenda Stevens As Ms. Universe 2000 winner Sushmita Sen aptly puts it, “motherhood is the essence of all women”, which is a basic truth that rings true across all generations. Unfortunately, pregnancy can also take its toll on the body. As the rush of hormones begins to take over, you can become susceptible to […]

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