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Swollen feet from gout

How to Treat The Symptoms Of Gout Naturally

You might not realize it but gout is a type of arthritis.  Often regarded as a bit of a joke, gout is nevertheless a painful and uncomfortable condition and the result of too much inflammation in the body. The Problem With Too Much Inflammation Of course everyone needs a certain amount of inflammation because, if […]

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scalp massage

Best Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

by Joshua Hardwick Millions of men and women all around the world suffer from hair loss. Although there are quite a lot of different hair loss products on the market these days, very few of them come anywhere close to being natural. A lot of them include drugs of some kind (especially the oral solutions out […]

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anxiety attack

3 Natural Herbal Supplements for Defeating Anxiety

by Ryan Rivera Millions of men and women deal with anxiety regularly. Not only is it one of the most common psychological disorders in the US – there are countless more people living with a degree of anxiety that doesn’t qualify as a disorder. But receiving treatment can be difficult. Therapy can cost thousands of dollars […]

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