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Tips to Eat Healthy on Vacation

by Cindy Johnson Eating healthy on vacation can be a real challenge, especially if you are on a budget. No matter how carefully you plan, food costs – especially from eating out- can blow out your budget, and can also ruin a healthy diet. For most of us, healthy lifestyle resolve can be destroyed in […]

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omu-rice omelete

Ten Creative Ideas for Cooking and Eating Well on a Budget

by Nick Clipton Yes, it is totally possible to eat well even when you are on a budget! All it really takes is a little creativity. Here are some easy-on-the-pocket ideas to start with: 1. Soup-er Savings Soups are hearty and usually don’t cost a lot to make. Pureed vegetable soups are great. They’re not […]

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Inspiration Quote and Surfing the Wave

Popular Quotes About Healthy Living and Healthy Eating

Healthy living quotes inspire us to keep focused on our weight loss or health goals. We post quotes about healthy living and healthy eating on our facebook page every week. Based on popularity of these quotes (as judged by the number of likes, re-tweets and feedback), we have ordered them below such that the most […]

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Eating Healthy 101: Tips to Save Money and Eat Healthy for Beginners

Eating healthy can be easy and inexpensive. Some people believe that they can save money by ignoring their health. While this may be true in the short run, they will end up paying with expensive medical bills in the long run. If you have decided to eat healthy, there are options to eat fresh organic […]

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