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chiropractic doing spinal alignment

How Chiropractic Care Is an Effective Solution for Migraines & Severe Headaches

by Lisa Parker No one can escape the torture of migraines and headaches, which are a common phenomenon experienced by every individual at some point in their lives. They are brought on by a plethora of triggers, most deducible and some unclear, making it tough to always treat the underlying concern. General triggers range from […]

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Preventing Lower Back Pain through Exercise

18 Ways to Save Money During Your Chiropractor Visit About Back Pain

by Dr. Theodore R. Herazy, DC, LAc Back pain is very common. Caring for a bad back can be very expensive, although the costs can be reduced. Low back pain is the 5th most common reason patients see a doctor for any type of health problem. When a patient goes to a doctor specifically for pain […]

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