Feverfew Flowers

Feverfew Prevents Migraine and Has Several Other Benefits

by Benjamin Tong Feverfew (Tanaceum Parthenium) is also known as “wild chamomile” or “featherfew”. Other names include: pyrethrum, featheroil, bride’s buttons, and bachelor’s buttons to name a few. It is a plant that belongs to the family of sunflower and looks similar to a daisy. The plant is native to Southeast Europe, although it can […]

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Are Age Spots Affecting Your Appearance?

As we grow older and particularly after the age of 40, we might start to notice age spots. While they are usually considered harmless, age spots can affect our appearance and self esteem. Many will get their dermatologist or doctor to check them out and ask their advice for treatment. Suggestions will include Retinol, HQ […]

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Changing from a Western Style of Using the Toilet to Protect Your Health

Even though we all try to keep our costs to a minimum, sometimes we have to spend something now to ensure our “health on a budget” for the future. One such dollar outlay could be for a squatty potty! The modern Western style toilet was first introduced in the nineteenth century but it changed the […]

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Nice Feet or Heels

8 Budget Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Dryness and even neglect in both summer and winter months can lead to the pain and discomfort of cracked heels. Although this problem is common in females during the summer months when sandals or flip flops are frequently worn, dry and chapped skin in the winter can make the problem worse. Signs and symptoms of […]

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