Five Foods that Help Fight Springtime Allergies

by Patricia Dean-Escoto When it comes to keeping the sniffles and runny nose of spring allergies at bay, maintaining a healthy diet can be just as effective as your over-the-counter medications.  Our immune system is our first line of defense against potential invaders and is designed to help us ward off any threats that may compromise […]

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tired on a train

Natural Remedies for Occasional Depression

by Aleta Idol Most people experience occasional shifts in mood, and it’s not uncommon to fall into bouts of depression for no clear reason. Symptoms include sleeping more than usual, feeling sad, bored or listless, or experiencing a feeling of disconnectedness from your body. Additional feelings of hopelessness, despair or exhaustion can occur as well. […]

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Losing Weight Naturally Over Time

What Are Highest Risks to Your Health

by Dr. Gary Gibson Most people would agree, that preventing health loss is better than needing a cure, and is far, far cheaper. It’s surprising then that many people are ignorant of the medical conditions and the causes behind them that are currently killing and crippling the nations of the world. Whilst I say it […]

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joint pain

How to Relieve Joint Pain With Do-it-yourself Treatments

by Anna Johnson Not everyone has an endless supply of cash to fork out on expensive treatments for pain that don’t necessarily work. The costs of mainstream medications such as cortisone, anti-inflammatories and pain-killers add up quickly, and come with long lists of potential side effects. Instead you can use free, cheap and natural alternatives […]

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