lemon as cleanser

Why You Should Never Be Without Lemons In Your Home

What could be easier for the health-on-a-budget conscious than to use lemons with all their different and natural uses. Of course they are friendly to the environment too. For Your Health Always start your day with lemon. A glass of hot water with a slice of lemon will  re-hydrate your body after a long night’s […]

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living healthy on a budget

Top Ten Tips for Good Health

Of course you can spend considerable amounts of money on ensuring a healthy lifestyle but there really is no need to. Our tips will show you how to optimize good health on a budget at very little cost. Here are our suggestions: 1. Oil Pulling Oil Pulling can improve a number of health conditions ranging […]

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Swollen feet from gout

How to Treat The Symptoms Of Gout Naturally

You might not realize it but gout is a type of arthritis.  Often regarded as a bit of a joke, gout is nevertheless a painful and uncomfortable condition and the result of too much inflammation in the body. The Problem With Too Much Inflammation Of course everyone needs a certain amount of inflammation because, if […]

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running woman is happy

What is Green Exercise and Why It is Important To Our Well-Being

by Jane Chitty This site is all about health on a budget and of course one of the easiest ways to improve your health inexpensively is through exercise.  Even if we don’t all participate in regular exercise, we are all well aware of how important exercise is to our general health and well being – […]

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