Looking Beyond the Good Deal for the Best Deal on Dental Work

by Adam Smith If you are looking to save money on dentistry, your mailbox is probably not the first place you should look. We have all seen them. In fact, you have probably seen multiple in the last week. I am talking about the dental advertisements. They are all pretty similar in content. “Free exam […]

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How Not to Spend Your Whole Paycheck on Organic Grocery

by Jett Murdock “Oh, I can’t shop at Whole Paycheck. That’s way too expensive.” I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty of times. Heck, you might even be the one that’s saying it. I know I’ve been there. Everyone in my family says it. That’s just common knowledge, right? Shopping at organic and health food stores […]

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girl sleeping

10 Steps You Can Take Today to Get More Sleep Tonight

by Jennifer Landis Without good-quality, uninterrupted sleep, you could consistently feel run down and very moody. However, these 10 steps could help you drift off to dreamland faster — and stay there all night: 1) Get in the Mood to Snooze Before bed, take part in activities that will signal to your mind and body […]

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dumbbells at home gym

Tips to Break Fat and Get your Dream Body Within 5 Months

by Monica May Many girls make the mistake of taking the first step to the gym, not knowing what they should actually do. They go in, see all those machines and weights, lose themselves, and end up on the treadmill. Well going to the gym without a plan is like going to a swimming pool […]

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