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4 Key Statements That Will Increase Your Long-Term Health Success

by Mark Cornelison “Last week you weighed…this week your current weight is…” These statements still haunt me a little. Anyone who is a fan of reality TV, especially The Biggest Loser, is familiar with these words. Every week people would tune in to see how his or her “favorite” contestants were doing in their highly publicized […]

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5 Awesome Workouts for Your Brain

by Erica Silva Brain is the most important part of a human body, and like our body it ages too. Since all the physicians emphasize on the significance of exercises in order to keep our bodies active, they also focus on brain workouts. Brain exercises not only make our mind straight and spirited, but it […]

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Looking Beyond the Good Deal for the Best Deal on Dental Work

by Adam Smith If you are looking to save money on dentistry, your mailbox is probably not the first place you should look. We have all seen them. In fact, you have probably seen multiple in the last week. I am talking about the dental advertisements. They are all pretty similar in content. “Free exam […]

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How Not to Spend Your Whole Paycheck on Organic Grocery

by Jett Murdock “Oh, I can’t shop at Whole Paycheck. That’s way too expensive.” I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty of times. Heck, you might even be the one that’s saying it. I know I’ve been there. Everyone in my family says it. That’s just common knowledge, right? Shopping at organic and health food stores […]

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