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Study Says The Purpose Of Sleep Is To Forget

by Aby Nicole League Sleep is a biological need. Harvard Medical School regards it as one of the pillars of health together with nutrition and exercise. The benefits of sleep cannot be understated. A long line of studies show that our nightly zzz’s are essential in tissue repair, muscle regeneration, and mental health. Harvard scientists […]

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7 Foods You Should Eat For Better Sleep

by Aby Nicole League Have you ever woken up feeling out of your element? These are tough mornings when your body did not rest well the previous night. Generally, the ideal number of hours of sleep an adult aged 18 to 64 must get is between seven and nine hours. However, this may vary per individual. […]

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Foods to Eat to Improve Your Sleep

by Karen Wojciechowski Having a good night sleep is essential in maintaining physical and mental health. It is when we sleep that our body recovers and our muscle rebuilds itself. For kids, sleep forms an important part of their growth and development. Without adequate sleep, you could be increasing your risk of developing heart and kidney […]

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10 Steps You Can Take Today to Get More Sleep Tonight

by Jennifer Landis Without good-quality, uninterrupted sleep, you could consistently feel run down and very moody. However, these 10 steps could help you drift off to dreamland faster — and stay there all night: 1) Get in the Mood to Snooze Before bed, take part in activities that will signal to your mind and body […]

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