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Four Twitter Hashtags to Get Affordable Health Tips

by Anna Fox Getting and staying healthy is difficult because of extra expenses associated with fitness. The trend towards healthy living often seems to bring out the worst in prices as companies look to cash in on the trend. Luckily, there are lots of great sources that look to do nothing more than to help […]

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Five Tiny Lifestyle Tweaks to Lose Weight and Feel Great

by Jamie Gibbs One of the most popular reasons that people give for not living a healthy lifestyle is, “I have no time”. No time to exercise, no time to make a healthy meal plan, and no time to keep track of your health. We are living in such a fast-paced society that there is barely […]

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Inspiration Quote and Surfing the Wave

Popular Quotes About Healthy Living and Healthy Eating

Healthy living quotes inspire us to keep focused on our weight loss or health goals. We post quotes about healthy living and healthy eating on our facebook page every week. Based on popularity of these quotes (as judged by the number of likes, re-tweets and feedback), we have ordered them below such that the most […]

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living healthy on a budget

Tips to Live Healthy on a Budget

Do we choose to live a healthy lifestyle? Or do most of us not have the money to afford to live healthily? I used to think that a healthy lifestyle meant countless hours at a gym or eating organic food at an expensive grocery store. However, I found out these are not true. Healthy lifestyle […]

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