Wake Up Call: Prevent Disease Before It is Too Late

by Christine H. Farlow

In the last two years, one cousin and three close friends have died. The first two friends were my best girl friends from childhood. We played together from elementary school age and graduated high school together. The third was one of my college friends.

My cousin, who is younger than I, died in September 2010 from lymphoma. My first girlfriend died in August 2010 from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her husband, who also graduated from high school with us, preceded her in death in 2009. My second childhood girlfriend, succumbed in June of this year, to cancer. My college friend just died suddenly October 3, 2012.

It is being said that our children’s generation will not live as long as their parents. I think it’s already happening.

We are not living as long as our parents.

My cousin died younger than his mother. His father is still alive and well at 92. My first girlfriend’s parents were both alive when she died. My other girlfriend’s mother passed away at the age of 75 and her father just died in August 2012 at 86.

Have you noticed that friends and family members are dying at younger ages … even before their parents? Are you aware of the increased incidence of allergies and asthma? Have you heard of children being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which was once a disease just found in adults?

Think about this for awhile.

Why Are We Sicker and Dying Younger?

With all of the advances in medicine – and the U.S. is supposed to have the best health care system in the world – why are we sicker and dying younger?

Why is there so much cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity? Why are we seeing more cases of allergies and asthma? It’s not getting any better as time is going on. New miracle drugs are not curing the problems. Drugs don’t cure anything. They just treat symptoms. And as long as the cause is still there, the same or different problems will continue to resurface, time after time after time.

In addition, drugs have side effects. So, more drugs are used to treat the adverse reactions of other drugs.

The question you need to be asking is not what can I do to get rid of my symptoms, but what is causing my symptoms?

What is causing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity? What’s the reason for the increased incidence of allergies and asthma?

Proper Fuel is Necessary for Our Health

Let’s look at an analogy here. You drive a car. What do you put in the gas tank? Is it water or soda? How about an energy drink? We can all use more miles to the gallon these days. Of course not. That’s silly. We all know that your car needs gas to run, and the right grade of gas.

Your body is the same as your car. It needs the proper fuel to function optimally. You need to give it all the proper vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cofactors and undiscovered nutrients that allow your body to function like a fine-tuned machine. When you don’t, your body will break down.

But your body is different from your car in that when your car breaks down, it gives you feedback right away. If you ignore it and it breaks down beyond repair, you can always buy a new car. But you can’t get a new body.

However, your body is forgiving … for awhile. You will get second or third chances to give your body what it needs, so it’s never too late to start taking care of your health. But you never know when you’ve used up all your chances. So the time to start taking care of your health is now!

What are the causes of our declining health? Why are people dying at younger ages now?

The first place to look is at the food you eat. Your body gets its fuel from food. Is the food you eat rich in nutrients – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cofactors and undiscovered nutrients?

What kinds of foods give these life-giving vital nutrients?

The answer is real food.

• Whole food grown in nutrient dense soil.

• Animals raised on pure, clean, nutrient rich pastures.

• Poultry that roam in the outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and pecking scratching for their food.

• Pure, clean water.

Real, unaltered, whole food is the fuel your body needs to give you life-giving essential nutrients.

What kind of food are you eating? Are you eating real food, or are you eating processed, chemicalized, denatured food that cannot support good, vibrant health?

What kind of food is deficient in the life force that will cause your health to decline?

Most food that comes in a package has been processed. Nutrients have been removed. The food has been subjected to high temperatures. Chemical food additives may have been added. Toxic solvents might have been used in the processing which are not supposed to remain in the final product, but often traces are still there.

Even whole foods grown on deficient soils, sprayed with chemical pesticides can harm your body. Foods that have been altered by science, that don’t occur in nature, that haven’t been thoroughly studied for their adverse effects (GMOs) can have a negative effect on your health.

Don’t Mess with Mother Nature!

You’ve heard the expression, “Don’t mess with Mother Nature!” That is so true today. So, the next time you go shopping for food, before you put an item in your grocery cart, ask yourself

• Has this been altered from its natural state?

• Has it had chemicals added to it or sprayed on it that can be harmful to my health?

• Is this food rich in all the vital vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cofactors and undiscovered nutrients that my body needs to thrive?

If you CANNOT answer NO to the first two questions and YES to the third, put it back on the shelf.

If this brings you to the point of “what do I eat?” then you know it’s time to make some serious changes to your eating habits … to save your life.

Dr. Christina Farlow(Christine H. Farlow, D.C., helps busy families who know they should be eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle, but don’t have the time or desire to wade through the confusing and conflicting information. Dr. Farlow helps families develop confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are choosing healthy foods and healthy living habits so they feel better, are healthier, have more energy and enjoy life more. You can request a FREE Consultation to learn how Dr. Farlow can help you improve your health at http://christinehfarlowdc.com/.)

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