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beetroot pecan salad

Beetroot Salad Recipe with Health Benefits

by Thibah Irving For a good few years now, my father’s morning ‘green juice’ has actually been a deep reddish/purple colour, which has been cause for much confusion with my girls, who take great pride in the learning of their colours. He has been growing his own beets and in true ‘Grandad’ style, anything he grows […]

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Kale Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust

Kale Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust Recipe

If you have a pizza craving but you are worried about gluten and all the fattening unhealthy ingredients, then Callie has come up with this tasty healthy pizza recipe. This is perfect for a student or a family that is trying to switch to a healthier alternative. And did I say that this is cheaper […]

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tofu stew in a bowl

Asian Tofu Stew Recipe and Benefit

by Sandhya Paudel Tofu stew is a delicious recipe from East Asia. Tofu is also known as soybean curd which is made by coagulating soy milk. It can be used in soups and stews. Tofu contains soy protein which contains all the essential amino acids that is required by our body. Tofu stew can be […]

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Raita Recipe and Benefit

Raita is a South Asian cuisine usually used as a salad or dip. It is made from plain yogurt with tomatoes, cucumber and avocado, cumin seeds, black salt, cilantro, and green chilies. Here are the preparation steps for raita

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