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Why Use Bottle Gourd Juice to Lose Weight

By Sapana Vibhandik One should drink water to lose weight. But, if you drink vegetable or fruit juices you not only get fiber and antioxidants but many nutrients which help you shed some extra pounds. Among so many vegetables we have picked up Bottle Gourd, which could help you in dealing with that extra weight. Why […]

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Tips to Use a Juice Extractor for Better Health

by Ashley Dennis A juice extractor turns your favorite fruits and vegetables into a refreshing beverage. How is this done? You simply insert the foods into the feeding chute of the machine. This process involves squeezing, crushing, or pressing into a drinkable form depending on what type of machine you use. Why is this beneficial? […]

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Delicious Apple Juice Recipes for Beginners

by Matt Cruz Recently you may have heard about the latest development in apple juices – Arsenic in 10% of Apple, Grape Juice Samples Too High. As a result, more and more people are questioning bottled juices. When you are mass manufacturing apple juices, or any other juices for that matter, quality is always compromised […]

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Natural Vitamins from Fruits and Vegetables

The best way to get optimal nutrition is to eat a diet rich in organic, locally-grown vegetables, fruits, organic meats and whole grains. Unlike conventionally-processed vegetables, which are loaded with pesticides that can cause health problems, organic, locally-grown produce is fresh, pesticide-free and chock full of essential vitamins and nutrients the body needs to stay […]

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