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busy professional trying to juggle several priorities

Three Ways to Save Time and Money While Preparing Healthy Meals

by Che Chengsupanimit People often talk about trying to save money while living healthy. Done right, those two ideas can go hand in hand. It’s also important to think about saving time during this process. If it takes a lot of time to save money and live healthy, then lazy people (like me) are a lot […]

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Healthy Meal on the Run for Busy Professionals

Top 10 Weight Loss Exercises that Busy Professionals Can Do in the Office

by James McDonnel Nowadays, busy professionals with desk jobs find it a Herculean task to keep fit and trim because they could barely spare the time to exercise. If you are one of these professionals, then fret not, you don’t have to spend time going to a gym. There are specific weight loss exercises you could […]

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Lazy Breakfast Ideas

Ah, breakfast. A time for the family to gather around at the kitchen table over fresh-squeezed orange juice, fluffy eggs and a platter of home-made pancakes thick with maple syrup. Yeah, right. Maybe in the 1950’s. Twenty-first century demands have the modern family on the go, go, go! Parents, students and busy professionals need all the […]

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