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Interview with Patricia Dean-Escoto, Author and Breast Cancer Survivor

We have seen lots of media coverage about breast cancer recently. Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo mastectomy to prevent breast cancer was widely publicized. Everyone praised Angelina’s brave decision but not many talked about preventing this disease with right nutrition. As a result, most women fear that they need to undergo the same expensive procedure for […]

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Budget Health Ideas

Book Review: Healthcare on a Budget

If you are confused about the healthcare system in the United States, you are not alone. Saving money in this healthcare system is important for all of us, but many of us do not know how. So I am writing a review about the book “Healthcare on a Budget” by Dr. Linda M. Petter. This […]

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Okinawa's Shurei Gate

Book Review: The Okinawa Program – Learn the Secrets to Healthy Longevity

The book ‘The Okinawa Program – Learn the Secrets to Healthy Longevity’ is a good book for anyone who wants to understand how nutrition and exercise helped the Okinawans live longer. At first thought, you may think they lived longer due to their genetics. While genetics may have played a role, lifestyle is a highly […]

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