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beetroot pecan salad

Beetroot Salad Recipe with Health Benefits

by Thibah Irving For a good few years now, my father’s morning ‘green juice’ has actually been a deep reddish/purple colour, which has been cause for much confusion with my girls, who take great pride in the learning of their colours. He has been growing his own beets and in true ‘Grandad’ style, anything he grows […]

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home made detergent

Make Your Own Awesome Cleaning Products and Save Big

With a little extra effort you can concoct your own cleaning agents for the home. Some cleaning products are worth it and others may not be. If you can find a few that work for you, it’s a great way to avoid unknown chemicals coming in contact with your skin and in your mouth. It […]

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nepalese fish curry

Nepalese Style Fish Curry Recipe

by Sandhya Poudel Fish is a great super food for a healthy heart. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to be healthy, you can help your heart and cardiovascular system by eating fish. It is affordable and will work for anyone trying to be healthy on a budget. It is a good source of omega-3 […]

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Kale Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust

Kale Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust Recipe

If you have a pizza craving but you are worried about gluten and all the fattening unhealthy ingredients, then Callie has come up with this tasty healthy pizza recipe. This is perfect for a student or a family that is trying to switch to a healthier alternative. And did I say that this is cheaper […]

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