Article Guidelines

  • What are your guidelines for article submission?
    • We strongly encourage you to write articles for our website. In general, the guidelines are as follows:
      • State what category the article belongs to (lazy man’s nutrition, organic chef or fitness on a budget).
      • The article has to be your original article. We do not publish any plagiarized articles or ideas.
      • Once we publish your article, will own the article. If you want to re-publish it in any other website or media, you will have to get permission from this website first.
      • We will publish the article under your name. If you choose to be anonymous, we can publish you under the name “Guest Contributor”.
      • Refrain from making strong health claims about anything if the claim has not been validated scientifically. If it has been validated scientifically, you can provide us the link.
      • Refrain from making strong criticism to any specific brand or company.
      • This website is not an article directory. We accept articles that add value to this website and promote ideas about living healthy on a budget. If the link is related to the article and provides additional value to readers, the link will be included. 
  • Do you pay if the article is published on the website?
    • Currently we are not paying for submissions, but we strongly encourage you to be a guest blogger. If published, your link to your website will be included in your bio.
    • Once we receive your article, we will review it and decide whether it is appropriate for submission. If it is approved, then we will publish your article in 1-2 weeks. For additional information, please email

2 Responses to “Article Guidelines”

  1. Hello,

    I’m trying to submit a guest post for review, however when I type in the email:

    My email won’t go through. Can you please help?


  2. Health on a Budget October 24, 2017 at 8:22 am

    If the email does not go through, please try sending an email to Since we get a lot of emails, we will only respond if we like the post or have any questions.