Why You Should Never Be Without Lemons In Your Home

What could be easier for the health-on-a-budget conscious than to use lemons with all their different and natural uses. Of course they are friendly to the environment too.

For Your Health

  • Always start your day with lemon. A glass of hot water with a slice of lemon will  re-hydrate your body after a long night’s sleep while supporting the kidneys and the digestive system. At the same time, the bitter taste of lemon helps the pumping motion in the bowels to spring into action for improved and regular bowel movements. At the end of the day, a glass of warm water with lemon before bed helps the body to detoxify while you sleep. Including lemons (and grapefruits too) will help to cleanse the liver while preventing toxins from spreading to other parts of the body.Lemon in Water is simple way to cleanse
  • Lemon and vitamin C work together with flavonoids work to prevent infection while lemons also contain citric acid, B-complex vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and fiber.
  • The vitamin C in lemons helps to boost the immune system while also assisting in the production of collagen which fights wrinkles by keeping the skin firm. At the same time, the body absorbs calcium and iron, reducing acne flare-ups.
  • Lemons have anti-viral properties, proving effective against all types of viruses including colds and flu.
  • Although lemons are acidic, it is known that they interact with the body’s metabolism to have an alkalizing effect on its fluids, helping to restore the body’s PH.

For Your Home

  • Use for tackling small cleaning jobs. Take the peel of a used lemon half and rub on greasy pans, stove tops, counters and other kitchen surfaces before wiping down with a clean cloth but avoid marble counter tops or other surfaces sensitive to acid.
  • Clean your kettle or coffee pot by adding a few slices of lemon peel in the water and bringing to the boil before turning off to sit for an hour. But just remember to drain and rinse well before using again.
  • Clean a microwave oven by filling a microwave-safe bowl filled halfway with water and adding lemon peels. Cook on high for five minutes to allow water to boil. The steam will create condensation on the walls and tops of the oven. Remove the hot bowl and wipe away the walls and inside top of your microwave with a towel.

For Your Skin

  • lemon as cleanserMake a lemon sugar scrub by mixing 1/2 cup sugar with finely chopped lemon peel before adding some olive oil, making a paste with a good consistency. Decant into small containers for storage for use as needed.
  • Use lemon peel to lighten age spots by applying a small piece to the affected area and leaving in place for an hour.
  • Suffering from rough, dry elbows? Mix lemon peels with some baking soda and rub the mixture onto the elbows for several minutes before rinsing and drying for softer, smoother elbow skin.
  • Use lemon peels as a skin tonic by lightly rubbing onto the face before rinsing with water (being careful to avoid the eye area).  They won’t be an anti-wrinkle treatment but they will help to tone the skin.

Lemons are not just a wonderful whole food – they have hundreds of other uses too especially when you use the whole lemon and not just the juice.

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About Jane Chitty

Jane Chitty is a content writer for Healing Natural Oils, a producer and retailer of high-quality, all-natural treatments for a variety of conditions (including acne, arthritis, moles, warts, skin tags and many more). After living for many years in in Cape Town, South Africa, Jane has now settled in the UK. She has also visited the USA from time to time because of close family living there. She is interested in comparing natural living and lifestyles in the USA, the UK and South Africa – especially in the areas of health, green living and nutrition. You can find Jane's regular posts for Healing Natural Oils at amoils.com/health-blog.

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