What Happens If You Walk 2000 Extra Steps Per Day

Staying active is the only way to lose weight. Even if we make small changes in our life (such as walking a few extra steps per day), it can make a huge difference in your fitness levels.

So the infographic below examines what happens if you walk 2000 extra steps per day. According to the walking site, an average person’s stride length is only 2.5 feet long. Based on this calculation, you will walk an extra mile if you walk 2000 extra steps.

If you are a beginner, you don’t have to walk 2000 steps all at once. You can walk several times a day (say 100-200 steps at a time) to get up to 2000 additional steps per day.

infographic for 2000 extra steps per day

You may think that losing only 100 extra calories a day may not be worth the extra effort of walking 2000 steps. However, walking has several metabolic effects that go way beyond the calorie count.

Regular walking will improve your insulin sensitivity, muscle function and several biochemical processes in the body. Improved fitness will make you even more active; therefore you will probably end up losing even more weight than 12 pounds in a year!

(Thank you to fitkit.me for providing us this awesome infographic. This is a simple way to show how small changes can help you lose weight over a period of time.) 

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