Top 10 Weight Loss Exercises that Busy Professionals Can Do in the Office

by James McDonnel

Nowadays, busy professionals with desk jobs find it a Herculean task to keep fit and trim because they could barely spare the time to exercise. If you are one of these professionals, then fret not, you don’t have to spend time going to a gym.

There are specific weight loss exercises you could do in the confines of your office.

Diet and Exercise Go Hand in Hand

Healthy Meal on the Run for Busy ProfessionalsFirstly, though, you have to be aware that for you to maintain your ideal weight, you have to couple your exercises with a properly balanced diet, which provide fewer calories.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that you should perform aerobic activities and strength training exercises regularly.

Your food should also provide fewer calories, or just enough calories for your body to consume – and not to store. You should try to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning and healthy snacks.

Understanding these facts could ensure that you would succeed in losing weight even while staying in your office and not following any special weight loss systems.

Top 10 Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do In Your Office

#1 – Walking

Exercising does not necessarily mean wearing your sports apparel and working out in a gym. You could be in your office attire and still exercise. Yes, Virginia, you could exercise by walking around your office. You can do this through the following:

• Avoid the elevator and walk to the cafeteria to eat

• You could also scale the stairs to submit a report or to attend a meeting

• If your home is within walking distance, you can opt to walk to and from the office

• Walk to the table of an officemate you would like to talk to instead of using the intercom

These activities would burn the calories stored in your body. You would be surprised to observe that through these simple but effective methods, you could lose weight significantly.

#2 – Jumping Rope

You can easily keep the jumping rope inside any of your drawers, and exercise during breaks. You can start with 1 to 2 minutes duration, and then eventually increase the length of time as you get use to the exercise. A 30-minute jumping rope exercise could make you lose weight dramatically.

#3 – Jogging In Place

Jogging is a good alternative for walking. You can go barefooted and jog in place inside your office for 10 minutes. As your body adjusts, you can do it for 30 minutes or longer to achieve maximum benefits with your weight loss program.

#4 – Push-Ups

Push-ups are excellent weight loss exercises, which you can do too in your office. You can do bench push –ups in between breaks.

Try to do 20 push-ups each time.dumbbells at home gym

#5 – Weight Lifting

You can easily conceal a small dumbbell inside your drawers.

If this is not possible, you can use books, or anything that has weight to exercise your biceps, tone them, and lose weight in the process.

#6 – Squatting

Squatting can allow you to lose calories while inside your office. Do squatting during bladder breaks, before lunch, or after office hours.

As with the other exercises, you should do it for a minimum of 30 minutes for optimum benefit.

#7 – Abdominal Crunches

Just like push-ups, and squatting, you can do this easily during office breaks. This would allow you to sweat off those extra calories and tighten your abdominal area to achieve the six-packed abs that every man is wishing for.

For women, this would prevent those sagging bellies.

#8 – Treadmill Exercises

Having a portable treadmill in your office could do wonders to your weight loss program. Through the treadmill, you can walk, jog and run without leaving your office.

There are inexpensive, portable equipment out there, which you could easily fold and keep conveniently in one of your drawers.

You could also bring it anywhere you want.

#9 – Stretches

If you find the above-mentioned exercises still impossible to squeeze into your office work, then you can do body stretches while working.

Stretch your body to reach something from the other table. Stretch your arms while reading a memorandum. There are countless simple activities to stretch those muscles.

#10 – Leg Exercises

Leg exercises are similar to stretches; you can do them while being busy with office work. While talking over the phone, you can point your toe and rest your heel alternately. This would burn some calories off from your body.

You could also stand on one foot while having that paper Xeroxed, or while composing a letter. You can lift each leg alternately, or both legs into an opposite chair for as long as you can endure.

Things to Remember

• Weigh-in first before initiating the weight loss exercises. Document your weight in order to assess if you are succeeding in your goal.

• Do the exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes for maximum effectiveness. If this is not possible, you can split the time duration.

• Ensure that you have a change of clothes available, anytime, in your office.

• Hydrate yourself properly during your office workouts. This would help clear your body of waste products of metabolism.

• Eat foods with lower glycemic index and fewer calories, such as fruits and vegetables, and avoid excess carbohydrates and fats. The calories in the food that you eat should be lesser that the calories that you burned so that excess calories stored in your body are utilized.

• Be consistent. When you succeed in losing weight, maintain your diet and exercise regimen.

The most significant fact to remember is that any physical activity you do would help you lose weight. So take the opportunity to move around the office as often as you can, even if it is to walk to the other table. Avoid being sedentary, and eventually, you would lose weight without leaving the comforts of your office.

(James McDonnel is a fitness blogger and loves sharing his insights about what is the best home delivery diet plan  and various fitness tips. He writes occasionally on various health and fitness blogs like about healthy diets and weight loss tips. James is a passionate blogger who loves traveling around the globe and learning new things from different cultures and he considers himself a citizen of the world.)

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