Top 5 Calorie Burning Cardiovascular Moves to Get Lean Fast

by Clara John

Cardiovascular exercises are the most common form of exercises that help people to stay healthy and lose weight. Any continuous low intensity exercise that raises your heart rate and enhances the lungs activity is known as cardiovascular exercise. It’s all related with breathing.

Your heart needs a fresh and adequate supply of oxygen to work properly. Heart pumps the volume of blood with the essential nutrients all over the body. The role of oxygen is remarkable in this process. Your cardiovascular endurance depends on the perfect working ability of heart, lungs, respiratory system, blood and blood vessels. You need to spend a particular amount of time at a steady pace to provide enough oxygen and fuel for muscles.

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There is a range of cardiovascular workouts to choose from to boost the endurance and fitness. Combining the cardiovascular exercises in your fitness regimen is also a good decision.

The main goal of any cardio workout is to increase the heart rate through constant moving and keep it up for a particular period of time. However, they not only provide cardiac strength but also help burn calories fast. Combining cardio workouts with weight training increases the ability of your body to burn fat quickly.

Below are some of the effective cardiovascular moves that aid you to get lean fast:


Brisk walking is one of the best and oldest ways of exercising to keep an individual fit. Walking followed by jogging and running is the simplest form of exercise that needs no exercise equipment and can do wonders for you.

Walking is the safest form of exercise that has low risk for your joints. It builds your stamina and endurance. Walking/running is an easy-to-adopt routine in your daily life to keep the excess fat away.

Walking or running is an entire body workout which requires and produces a lot of energy in the long run. It’s perfectly beneficial to lose weight. It is a good idea to focus on how long you can run rather than the speed.

Walk/run daily for 15 to 20 minutes in a day and gradually increase the amount of time and pace.


An adventurous trip outside on a bike is more fun than any other forms of exercise. Cycling is one of the most fun methods of exercising which is liked by all. It’s little easier on joints than running or jogging though a little riskier than walking.

Breaking the sweat is the utmost demand of a cardiovascular workout routine and cycling does it very well for your perfect shape. Cycling can be done on a stationary bike in a gym or your home environment.

However, outdoor cycling provides you chances to explore new locations and hang out with friends in fresh air. Cycling not only works on your abs muscles to lose that stubborn fat but also aids toning legs and thighs.


Building strength and endurance are two of the many benefits related with swimming. It helps in pumping blood all over the body and is the best option to build abs muscles.

Swimming is a perfect low impact total body workout that is beneficial for all. The required breathing technique during swimming is effective in building endurance and perfect fitness level.

It helps in losing fats all over the body especially around the waistline and core region. It’s recommendable to combine swimming with a balanced diet if weight loss is what you are looking through swimming.


Dancing is another amusing way like cycling to make the exercise time interesting. Music makes the  workout routine rhythmic and exciting. Upbeat music is the constant reinforcement that aids you to get rid of that stubborn fat.

The fun part of dancing is the advantage over other forms of workouts. It’s considerable that not all dance forms are good as a cardiovascular exercise. The key is the same that such dance routine must be intense to increase the heart rate, for instance zumba and hiphop.

20 to 30 minutes high pace dancing that will break enough sweat is needed to get the benefits of a cardio workout. It works well on emotional health also.

Stair Training

Stair training is one of the best methods to increase cardiovascular stamina. Persistency is the key to get the benefits of the workout as it may be a little bothering in the beginning. Stair climbing is real good for the problem areas of the body including abs, legs and butts. Individual weight and gravity work together to burn more calories.

running on a treadmill

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