Tips to Start Running Today

I Want to Start Running but Don’t Know Where to Start?
Andrew Wulf
Feb 3, 2011

Many of us are always attempting to get our health and fitness in check. Living a healthier life is a very common resolution; unfortunately many don’t know how to fulfill these respectable goals. Well, we’re here to help. The most basic thing to do is get active, go for a jog, run, or walk regularly. Here are some tips on how to successfully fulfill your goals and start living that healthier active lifestyle we’ve all dreamed of.

how to start running

1) Find the Right Footwear. If you are serious about starting a Cardio program, whether professional or amateur, you need to get the right support. Not all footwear is designed for the rigors of running, jogging, or even walking. You best bet is to go to a professional footwear store like Fleet Feet and have their professional staff determine what shoes are best for your particular situation. All employees at stores like these are trained professionals, avid runners, and have been through it all before. They have the best advice. If you cannot afford the approximate $100 for new shoes, have them look at your feet anyway and find the model of the shoe they recommend online from years past; you can save up to 75% on these shoes! The first step to preventing injury and keeping up with your program is great shoes. To find such professional stores just google “running shoes” with your zip code.

2) Don’t overestimate your ability. If you are new to this, start slow, every other day or a schedule that works for you. Build your mileage and frequency slowly. There is no rush; you’ve got the rest of your life to impress your friends with how far you can run! Also start with time, not mileage. Focus on jogging for 15-20 minutes consecutively. If you want to know how far you’ve gone, an easy way is to just use google maps!

3) Try to run early before breakfast even. If you wake up early to run, you almost feel obligated to do it. You are already up anyways, right. Plus if you can get your running in before breakfast you will be able to avoid the long day tiring you out, causing you to skip a workout.

4) Use the buddy system! Convince a friend, neighbor, family member, or even a co-worker to start with you. Now if you don’t feel like going out you have to disappoint your buddy or buddies. This may sound bad, but the guilt of knowing you are holding others back can be a great motivator to get you out there and keeping you running.

5) Track your progress. Write in a fitness or running journal. Everyday you run or workout journal about it. How it felt, what you did, who you did it with. This is a great way to keep up with your progress. Seeing yourself get better keeps you motivated to keep up the good work!

Now you know the basics on how to start and keep up with a cardio program. Lace up those shoes, grab a few buddies and get out there and run!

(Andrew has been running distance for 7 years now since he started running cross country in high school. He is currently studying ‘Nutrition and Fitness’ as well as ‘Psychology’ at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He runs 5k and 10k races whenever he can and he has also run a sprint triathlon.)

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