Tips to Break Fat and Get your Dream Body Within 5 Months

by Monica May

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Many girls make the mistake of taking the first step to the gym, not knowing what they should actually do. They go in, see all those machines and weights, lose themselves, and end up on the treadmill.

Well going to the gym without a plan is like going to a swimming pool when you don’t know how to swim:

You can’t expect to suddenly know what to do when you get into the water, right?

That same rule stands up when it comes to losing weight or getting fit – always go with a plan! A plan’s mission is to guide you through every single step, and finally beat down your goal.

You might think to yourself – there are coaches in the gym that are paid to do that.

And you’re not far from the truth, but most of the fitness trainers are a luxury, since their workout plans and personal training classes cost a lot of money. Because I believe that every girl deserves to know the tricks about losing weight and getting fit, I decided to make a workout plan and spread it.

This workout plan is a full pack of workout program with printable calendar schedules, workout videos, suggested meal plan and highly detailed notes that contain every little thing you should know about gym workout.

This plan, has helped many people including myself to finally get their dream bodies in a period of 5 months.

Its name is Breaking Fat.

 Breaking Fat Workout Formula

Breaking Fat is a workout formula that is a combination of 3 workout plans packed together with a warming up phase.

The best part is that you’re not only going to kick the fat out of your body, but you’re going to welcome some lean, popped out muscles too.

And that’s actually how you get a curved, hourglass body shape in the first place.

Well, skinny girls look amazing in clothes, but we want to look good in our bikini too, right? That’s what “The Breaking Fat Formula” is all about: Helping girls not only to lose weight, but get fit, sexy, healthy and strong at the same time.

This weight loss formula is actually packed in 4 phases:

1) Warm Up Phase
2) Lift Up Phase
3) Tone Up Phase
4) Break Up Phase

Each one of these phases has its own mission for your body.

1) Warm Up Phase

In the first phase, your body is getting ready for the following workout. It warms up your body and your mind for the following activity.

2) Lift Up Phase

In the next phase, the Lift Up phase, your body starts learning the right movements of the exercises, learns how to make the most out of each exercise, mainly concentrating on keeping the proper form.

3) Tone Up Phase

Next is the Tone Up Phase, which is my favorite one. In this phase, you’re going to start lifting a little bit heavier weights. Since you already know the right movements from the previous phase, now it’s time to load on the weights.

4) Break up Phase

This phase is actually the most body changing of all. You’re muscles are going to get stronger as your body starts toning up.
And the last phase has a mission to push your body to the limit, and break every single fat sell out of it. It’s the final touch, the topping on the cake!

Many girls are wondering why I chose the gym workout in the first place. There are many workout programs that don’t include going to the gym and lifting weights, and they still provide great results, right?

Well, I agree with that statement 100%, but I chose strength training because that’s how I lost weight in the first place. I know that there are many other ways, but this the fastest and the most efficient way, because in order to change, your body needs a lot more than its own body weight, that it carries around all day. With this weight loss plan I got fit and changed my life.

While many girls are still afraid of the iron room, because they think that lifting is for boys and it should be left out of the picture, I say it’s one of the best ways to get fit:


– It helps you get a curvier body with popped out muscles
– Tones your body up and makes it look fit
– Burns a lot more calories, even when you’re not working out, and that’s why it’s proven to be the fastest way to lose weight
– Helps you look strong instead of skinny and baggy
– Improves your mental health by releasing stress and improving your self-esteem
– Builds up your confidence and makes you feel happier, younger and stronger
– Builds healthier heart and bones

These are just few of the countless benefits you’re going to get if you start working out.

The Breaking Fat formula is the right plan for every single girl out there that wants to look good naked.

It’s the best FREE weight loss workout plan for women! Followed by the right meal plan, you’re going to get your dream body ready for this summer.

So don’t wait a second more, because if you were waiting for a sign – this is it!

Start working out NOW!

(Monica May is a fitness coach that one day decided to start a mission and help every girl, that loves herself enough to start living healthier. Through her diary, she passes on her fitness story, strongly believing that every girl deserves to get the sneakiest fitness and weight loss tricks – for free. With the power of her expertise she inspires, motivates and supports, by giving you the best workout plans, guides and tips, to finally change your life.)

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  1. I like the information. I have put-on some fat in a few years. MY tummy all is said about. But this information is very informative. Definitely, I’ll try is tipping in my daily routine.