The Positive Effects of Alkaline Water on the Body

by Ross Bridgeford

Up until recent years, I never realized how important it is to maintain the body’s pH level. I just ate what I wanted to eat and drank what I wanted to drink without considering the consequences these various food and drink ingredients brought on my health.

As it turns out, maintaining a pH balance is a key factor in improving our overall health, allowing us to live better and longer.

What is the Importance of pH Balance?

The body should always be more alkaline than acidic. Our body strives to maintain a blood pH level of 7.365, no matter what is going on, and will regulate this even if it means getting other organs, muscles and tissues to work harder. Acidity happens when this balance is upset due to an over intake of acidifying elements such as processed sugar, dairy, alcohol, coffee, and so on.

lemon waterHave you ever had stomach upsets right after eating particularly acidic foods? Or have you ever felt rather bloated after eating too much sugary desserts? These are all results of an imbalanced pH in your body. Other effects of not having the right alkaline amount are obesity, continuous poor digestion, body pain, low energy levels leading to fatigue and stress – all of which could lead to more serious diseases and disorders such as diabetes, high cholesterol, acid reflux, gout, high blood pressure or heartburn.

What can you do about this, then? The answer lies in re-establishing an acid-alkaline balance. This can be achieved by changing your diet and creating a more nutritious plan for a healthy lifestyle. Eating alkalizing food such as vegetables and fresh fruits that have minimal sugar content, paired with drinking plenty of alkaline water is a surefire way to get your pH levels back to normal so that you can continue to enjoy a lifetime of good health!

What is Alkaline Water?

The human body is made up of around 75-80% water, and it loses more than 2 liters daily just doing normal bodily functions. Water is responsible for transporting nutrients throughout the body, which is crucial for metabolism. Water also flushes out the harmful toxins that have accumulated in our body, and prevents chemical substances from building up. That’s why it is essential for us to keep replenishing our body’s water supply through a constant intake of fluids. The recommended amount for us to drink is from 3-4 liters of water daily.

The quality of the water we drink is just as important as how much we drink. Alkaline water is water that has been ionized – this means it has passed through a process called electrolysis that separates acidic and alkaline components present in the water. Alkaline water neutralizes the acids and toxins that have built up in the body and that cannot be flushed out.

What are the Positive Effects of Alkaline Water?

According to various studies and researches, alkaline water benefits the body in so many ways. Because of its high alkaline content, this water works to remove acidic elements from our bodies by neutralizing them.

Alkaline water is also known for its high antioxidant content, which replenishes necessary minerals, protects cells, hydrates effectively, regulates normal blood flow and prevents free radicals from forming and from damaging other cells. Ionized alkaline water also improves electrochemical activity in cells. Normal drinking water has a higher number of molecules, which is why it takes more time for it to work compared with alkaline water.

People who drink alkaline water tend to look younger, have normal weights, and are generally healthier. A friend, who had been having problems with her weight skeptically started drinking alkaline water and was pleasantly surprised when she noticed that she started losing weight. Another friend who had high blood pressure for most of his adult life found that after four months, his blood pressure readings had normalized.

Doctors and scientists attribute these excellent health benefits to the presence of antioxidants and minerals in alkaline water, as I have previously discussed. The presence of antioxidants delays the aging process, which is why people who primarily drink alkaline water look young for their age. The weight loss is because alkaline water breaks down the fatty cells that protect our organs from toxic attacks caused by acidity. In addition, drinking alkaline water boosts energy levels, so you can get more work done and you constantly remain active, allowing you to burn more calories.

The many good things alkaline water can do for you and your health is astounding. I myself have experienced the working powers of this, and can confidently say that it has turned my life around. I feel better about who I am, because my body is healthier. I have become more confident and everyone else who has tried changing their diets to include alkaline water will say the same: drinking alkaline water is one of the best things you can do for yourself!

About the Guest Contributor

Ross Bridgeford, identified as the ‘Alkaline Diet Guy’, has been actively using and promoting the alkaline diet for several years now. He has provided assistance to thousands of people to make that brave change and have the alkaline diet as a lifestyle. He is the cofounder of, recognized as the largest as well as the longest-running alkaline diet website in the world.

Bridgeford has authored “The Alkaline Diet Recipe Book” and has partnered with reputable experts in the field of health and nutrition, such as Dr. Robert Young, Tony Robbins, Gareth Edwards, Joseph McClendon. With these accomplishments, he has become a reliable go-to-guy of those people wanting to get and stay alkaline. His blog contains a complete alkaline diet guide.

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