Take a Break at Work to Live a Long Healthy Life

Most people feel guilty if they take a break at work. However, taking breaks and walking during lunchtime is really good for your health. It also increases productivity so that you end up producing more results even though you work fewer hours.

Even if you do not have any time, think again if you want to skip lunch and stay chained to the desk for hours. Instead take a walk outside and you will actually perform much better when you get back.

This is great motivation for taking a break, but what if your boss does not believe you?  In that case, you can show this infographic to your boss. Productive and healthy employees not only means more work but also reduced cost for health insurance, fewer sick days and overall positive attitude.

Take A Break

Thanks to folks at learnstuff.com for allowing us to share this infographic.

Please share this so that more people are aware of the importance of breaks for a healthy life.

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