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5 Great Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

by Jessica Kelley Vinyasa is one of the more powerful forms of yoga. It branches out from Hatha Yoga and has its basis in flowing movements where each posture is intimately connected with breath. Yoga is synonymous with tranquility and flexibility, and yes you get all that with this particular series of yoga poses; however, […]

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8 Reasons For You To Get Your Toddler Join You For Yoga

by Annie Jones The art of doing yoga has been in existence for more than a thousand years now. Many people dedicate some time of their day attending yoga classes or doing yoga exercises on their own. Millions of adults are known to have been benefitted by yoga. However, in recent times the practice of […]

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Why We Love to Relax with Yoga Retreats and You Should Too!

by Audrey Throne  Yoga retreats are always relaxing and can help you take a break from life’s daily routine. These retreats are for people who enjoy a lifestyle of health and wellness as they can help you move out of your comfort zone into a space of growth where you also get to meet and see […]

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Top 5 Budget Yoga Apps for your Smart Phone

by Anna Cook As a Yoga instructor of course I prefer that my students come to class and pay me hourly for their instruction, it’s a business after all. However, for those who can’t get to class, wish to save money by doing yoga at home, or prefer attempting the poses in the comfort of […]

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