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Child brushing teeth

9 Superfoods For Healthy Teeth

by Dr. Harold R. Christiansen Wouldn’t it be great if we could eat our way to better oral health? Well guess what? You can! “Superfoods” are known to play a key role in maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile! What’s even better? Spending less time and money visiting your dentist! So what are superfoods?  Superfoods are categorized […]

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woman showing teeth

5 Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter Naturally

by Laura Hobbs Everyone looks more attractive when they smile, but some people are ashamed to show their teeth due to discoloration. Keeping your teeth white can be a real struggle, particularly if you enjoy strongly colored drinks such as black coffee, tea, and red wine. The tannins in these drinks can stain teeth, leaving […]

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