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Tips to Break Fat and Get your Dream Body Within 5 Months

by Monica May Many girls make the mistake of taking the first step to the gym, not knowing what they should actually do. They go in, see all those machines and weights, lose themselves, and end up on the treadmill. Well going to the gym without a plan is like going to a swimming pool […]

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Understanding Weight Loss – How to Stop Tricking Ourselves

By Gary Gibson, PhD Many of us want to lose weight and will at various times start a diet or a workout routine to try and do something about it. More often than not, our good intentions don’t produce the results that we want and we quit early, generally due to disappointment and discouragement. One […]

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Top 5 Calorie Burning Cardiovascular Moves to Get Lean Fast

by Clara John Cardiovascular exercises are the most common form of exercises that help people to stay healthy and lose weight. Any continuous low intensity exercise that raises your heart rate and enhances the lungs activity is known as cardiovascular exercise. It’s all related with breathing. Your heart needs a fresh and adequate supply of […]

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Popular Health And Wellness Myths Busted

by Steven Madison Most people want to be healthier and a lot of them even make real changes in their lives to achieve that goal. Millions of Americans belong to gyms – though not everyone actually uses their membership – because they want to get healthy. Plenty of other Americans change their diets to be […]

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