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Farmer's Market and Eating Healthy on Tight Budget

Are You Wasting 50% of Your Healthy Food Budget?

by Jessica Josh A surprising report released this week from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers details that 50% of all food produced goes to waste due to spoiling, and over-purchasing. This is equal to 1.2 – 2 billion tonnes of food a year. This waste leads to environmental degradation and, for us, it ultimately leads […]

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breaking a cigarette

How Much Money You Can Save by Giving Up Smoking

by Hyrum Taffer Non-smokers don’t understand how much smokers love to smoke. The sound of the paper burning, the heat in your lungs, and the smoke coming from your mouth all add up to a very pleasurable experience. There are many other reasons why people smoke, but when you boil it down the reason people […]

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cash for expensive health care

3 Ways To Save Money On Medical Care Costs

by Julie Lee The cost of medical care has skyrocketed in recent years. While it may seem as if these ever-increasing costs and premiums will never stop their growth pattern, there are a few ways to cut down on healthcare expenses. Here are three ways that are simple to execute and provide great savings in […]

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Common Sense Ideas for Significant Dental Savings

by Denise Gabbard Everybody loves having a nice and bright smile, but it can be costly to keep your teeth that way. Even regular teeth cleaning can cost upwards of $100 per procedure, with any major dental work costing much more than that, commonly in the four-digit range. Having dental insurance can help significantly reduce […]

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