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cash for expensive health care

Know Your Way Around the Healthcare System to Save Money

by Sam Peterson Facing problems when it comes to medical expenses is nothing unusual, unless you’re close to perfect. These problems are mostly related to the either the expenses or the prescriptions. A lot of you would associate these issues with the medical administrations and diplomatic approaches of doctors. However, instead of lamenting on the […]

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woman with beautiful hair lifting dumbell

Six Must-Haves For Your Home Gym

by Samantha Peters Setting up a home gym is the best way to get in shape without having to spend a fortune on a gym membership, but buying expensive equipment can cost a lot. You’ll be able to work out at home, though, and the right equipment will make your workouts more effective. The good […]

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Preventing Lower Back Pain through Exercise

18 Ways to Save Money During Your Chiropractor Visit About Back Pain

by Dr. Theodore R. Herazy, DC, LAc Back pain is very common. Caring for a bad back can be very expensive, although the costs can be reduced. Low back pain is the 5th most common reason patients see a doctor for any type of health problem. When a patient goes to a doctor specifically for pain […]

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fruits and vegetables section in grocery store

8 Tips to Shed Pounds and Save Money

by Meghan Nichols, R.D. You can achieve your health and weight management goals this year without breaking the bank spending money on high priced health foods. All it takes is a little careful planning. In fact, one study found following a diet of heart healthy whole foods can actually reduce your grocery bill by up to […]

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