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how to start running

10 Ways to Stay Fit This Year Without Paying a Thing!

by Yasmin Purnell When you start taking care of your budget, it can be tempting to let your health be the first thing to slip – costly gym memberships, ‘expensive’ health foods and high-end activewear all make living a healthy lifestyle seem unachievable for a more frugal lifestyle. However, this is absolutely not the case! […]

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running during snow

Six Tips To Conquer Running in Cold Weather

by Lauren Jones It’s that time of year, when the gloomy skies and unfriendly cold air make your workouts a freezing nightmare. If you are anything like me, you do not like paying for expensive gym membership fees when you can utilize so many different outlets of fitness that Mother Nature has to offer. I […]

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Health Benefits of Running vs. Walking

by Nancy Anderson Although running gets a lot of attention, the health benefits of walking make the exercise very valuable for health and fitness. If you are thinking about staying active, you can base your decision on age, medical history, and fitness level. Running makes sense for some people, but others might benefit from the […]

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Woman Running: How to sustain health and weight loss goal

5 Tips To Running Longer And More Effectively in 2013

by Nate Pennington Are you wanting to live more healthy and are on a limited budget? What better way of doing it than implementing running into your daily routine? Running can lower your blood pressure and help you lose weight. It costs nothing outside of a pair of running shoes to participate in. It is one […]

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