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Losing Weight Naturally Over Time

What Are Highest Risks to Your Health

by Dr. Gary Gibson Most people would agree, that preventing health loss is better than needing a cure, and is far, far cheaper. It’s surprising then that many people are ignorant of the medical conditions and the causes behind them that are currently killing and crippling the nations of the world. Whilst I say it […]

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Wake Up Call: Prevent Disease Before It is Too Late

by Christine H. Farlow In the last two years, one cousin and three close friends have died. The first two friends were my best girl friends from childhood. We played together from elementary school age and graduated high school together. The third was one of my college friends. My cousin, who is younger than I, died […]

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breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

by Simon Noel In today’s world there are many things in our daily lives that demand our attention, and sometimes our personal health can take a back seat. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, children and work, our diets and preventative care can become an afterthought. However, in the spirit of October’s National […]

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