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Cheap Home Remedies for Common Health Problems That Drives You Nuts!

by John Maddox It can get expensive to treat any health issue you may be dealing with using traditional over the counter medications. Moreover, medications aren’t always the safest route to take since they can bring on harsh side effects. Home remedies are the natural and cheaper alternative to the various medical treatments available out […]

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blonde hair

How to Make Your Own Homemade Hair Care Products

by Ann Ruble Have you ever bought a bottle of shampoo, taken it home, used it once, and discovered you absolutely hated what it did to your hair? What did you do then? Suffer with unmanageable hair for months while cursing that shampoo company every time you reached for the bottle? Or did you simply […]

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picture of anal fissure

How to Treat Anal Fissures at Home

by Jane Chitty Anal fissures can be extremely painful when passing a stool. It is only natural that anyone suffering from these cuts is not going to want to pass a stool when they know it will cause so much discomfort. Fortunately, you can start early treatment at home. An anal fissure is a tear […]

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lemon as cleanser

Live Clean and Green by Creating Your Own Natural Cleaning Solution

by Jessica Snow Living clean and keeping a green home doesn’t have to come at a cost – not to the earth, and definitely not to your pocketbook. In fact, keeping a clean home using natural ingredients can cost less than using harsh chemicals and store bought brands. Not too many people realize just how many powerful, […]

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