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Athletic man and woman with a dumbells.

Tips to Compete in a Bodybuilding Competition on a Budget

by Chris Cucchiara Competing in a bodybuilding competition is a dream for many, but once you decide to make it a reality, it can become one of the greatest decisions in your life. It will allow you to get in the best shape of your life, inspire people and learn discipline that will last your entire life.  But before […]

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Muscular Man Drinking Water to Stay Hydrated

3 Worst Muscle Building Mistakes

by Drew Stegman When it comes to packing on muscle and getting that ripped and muscular physique, most weightlifters and bodybuilders think they have everything figured out. Truth is, even with all of the information out there, the average gym-rat is still making some huge mistakes that are holding them back from achieving the physique they […]

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Skipping rope

It’s dumb to use dumbbells when you can build muscles naturally

by Joel Newman While the world is obsessed about weight loss, there are some who are looking for weight gain as well. Gyms and fitness centers have mushroomed all around the world raking in money in the name of fitness. They promise that you can sport a Sylvester Stallone look or Arnold Schwarzenegger type of […]

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