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people standing at work

Tips For Working Out While At Work

by Virginia Cunningham We’re constantly being reminded about the importance of staying active for our health, and how having a sedentary desk job can lead to shorter life spans. Short of quitting our day jobs to become a personal trainer or fitness instructor, what can 9-to-5 office workers sitting in front of a computer do to add […]

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woman practicing pilates

How Pilates can Boost your Wellbeing in 2013

by Wayne Thomas As 2013 gets well underway, many people are asking themselves what they can do to boost their health and well-being  With the majority of us juggling long working hours, and little time between getting home and putting the kids to bed for anything other than a ready meal in front of the TV, it […]

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Healthy Activities to Lose Weight

by Jaime Heidel Are you looking for some healthy activities to lose weight? You can get a better body by summer by choosing one or more of these activities to improve your physical health. The activity you choose will depend largely on your fitness level and your problem areas. 1. Walking Walking may not seem […]

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infographic for 2000 extra steps per day

What Happens If You Walk 2000 Extra Steps Per Day

Staying active is the only way to lose weight. Even if we make small changes in our life (such as walking a few extra steps per day), it can make a huge difference in your fitness levels. So the infographic below examines what happens if you walk 2000 extra steps per day. According to the […]

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