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acai berries in a basket

The Truth About Acai Bowls: Fad or Fantastic?

by Samantha Peters Acai Bowls have quickly become one of the nation’s leading trending healthy fruits; you can get one at just about every smoothie shop, every fruit bar, and even at the grocery store. Why have these small, dark-colored berries entered the health market with such zest and appeal? Well, it doesn’t hurt that […]

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vegetables at farmer's market

6 Ways to Make Your Meal Healthier

by Elle Rose Newspapers, magazines, the radio and the Internet all advertise “going healthy” to be a stupendously easy task, like walking the dog. Though for the percentage of us who have indeed gullibly clicked on the link for “lose weight in just two weeks!!” we have come to the gutting conclusion that these diet magic […]

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indian cauliflower recipe

Is Indian Food Healthy?

by Guest Contributor The sight of colorful Indian dish with the smell of curry makes my mouth water. Various spices mixed together with different vegetables create a nice flavor and aroma. Indian food is not only tasty but also very healthy. The use of spices such as turmeric, ginger, onions and garlic in the dish […]

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Kids Eating Healthy Fruits

Five Best Foods to Ensure Your Kids Age Optimally

by Dr. Kenneth Varano While there may not be a magical youth potion that can make us younger, there is a lot that women and men can do to age gracefully. Now more than ever, women and men are doing anything and everything possible to look younger and live longer. That’s where preventive medicine comes […]

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