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living healthy on a budget

Top Ten Tips for Good Health

Of course you can spend considerable amounts of money on ensuring a healthy lifestyle but there really is no need to. Our tips will show you how to optimize good health on a budget at very little cost. Here are our suggestions: 1. Oil Pulling Oil Pulling can improve a number of health conditions ranging […]

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Losing Weight Naturally Over Time

What Are Highest Risks to Your Health

by Dr. Gary Gibson Most people would agree, that preventing health loss is better than needing a cure, and is far, far cheaper. It’s surprising then that many people are ignorant of the medical conditions and the causes behind them that are currently killing and crippling the nations of the world. Whilst I say it […]

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gardening by family: photo credit: © JackF - Fotolia.com

What Gardening Can Do For Your Health

by Mackenzie Kupfer When most people think of gardening, they picture their grandmothers or some other sweet elderly lady puttering about in her yard tending to roses. This may be an accurate picture of gardening but it is not the only picture. Gardening can in fact be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age and those who […]

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The Power of Honey – How to Use Honey To Treat Different Health Problems

Honey has been used to flavor foods, sauces, drinks, and deserts for as long as anyone can remember. Honey needs no introduction when it comes to food because we consume it in almost everything we eat on a daily basis. What most people don’t know is that honey is one of the best home remedies […]

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