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Organic Vitamins and Fish Oil

Fitness Supplements That Are Actually Worth Your Money

by Milo Dragutinovic It’s easy to view fitness supplements with some degree of skepticism. After all, if you eat balanced meals and exercise regularly, aren’t you doing enough for your body? The truth, however, is that when you regularly take the right supplements — supplements such as those described below — you will soon notice significant […]

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woman practicing pilates

How Pilates can Boost your Wellbeing in 2013

by Wayne Thomas As 2013 gets well underway, many people are asking themselves what they can do to boost their health and well-being  With the majority of us juggling long working hours, and little time between getting home and putting the kids to bed for anything other than a ready meal in front of the TV, it […]

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Tips to Prevent Muscle Pain During and After an Intensive Workout

by John Harris Working out is nothing short of awesome. Whether you’re lifting weights or running a marathon, things start out great, with every movement making you feel stronger, leaner, and ready to take on anything that the world – or the gym – has to throw at you. Then the pain starts. Once muscle […]

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picture of a treadmill

What You Need to Know About Fitness Equipment Reviews

The Internet is an incredible resource for researching products.  In particular, you can find countless reviews from both professionals and customers.  For individuals in the market for fitness equipment, the Internet can assist you in the complicated procedure of selecting the right equipment for your body and budget.  Because buying fitness equipment like treadmills, elliptical […]

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