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If You Want a Healthy Body, Don’t Do These Exercises

by Amethyst Tagney Achieving physical fitness is a goal for many people. To combat the obesity epidemic, health has become a major priority in the United States, so everyone is doing what they can to move more and live healthier. There are many ways you can go about strengthening your body, but not all workout routines […]

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Activity tracker

7 Features to Look For in a Good Activity Tracker

by Alex Fischer As the popularity of sports watches and high tech wearables continues to rise, you might be under the impression that the humble fitness tracker is on the way out, but this is simply not the case. While it is true that sport watches can do most of the simplistic tasks that used […]

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Top Excuses for Not Joining a MMA Gym

by Danielle Steffenhagen More often than not, introducing the idea of joining a mixed martial arts gym to someone automatically instills terror. Even just in the act of inviting someone to a mixed martial arts class results in some sort of excuse. Making excuses, otherwise known rationalization, is a defense mechanism that justifies and explains controversial […]

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Top 5 Calorie Burning Cardiovascular Moves to Get Lean Fast

by Clara John Cardiovascular exercises are the most common form of exercises that help people to stay healthy and lose weight. Any continuous low intensity exercise that raises your heart rate and enhances the lungs activity is known as cardiovascular exercise. It’s all related with breathing. Your heart needs a fresh and adequate supply of […]

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