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discount pharmacy for prescription medicine

Five Ways to Save Money at the Pharmacy

by Benjamin Hanlon For most people the pharmacy is a dreaded place to be. You wait in long lines only to find that your medication isn’t ready or covered by your insurance. Being at the pharmacy means you’re likely either sick or in pain, and having to spend money because of it, makes it hardly an […]

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fitness equipment

Six Affordable Fitness Alternatives to Expensive Gym and Fitness Equipment

by Dan Petraglia In today’s modern society there are many temptations for questionable things to buy. There are countless products, programs, and services that can assist us in a healthier, more active lifestyle. But one must ask them self, do I really need this product or service for fitness and weight loss? Should I really be […]

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Losing Weight Naturally Over Time

Natural Weight Loss on a Budget

Staying healthy without having to worry about weight is easy. The reason why it is so hard to lose weight for most of us is because we consume processed food with low fiber but a lot of artificial chemical preservatives. Then we go on a diet which starves our body and we further aggravate the […]

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Budget Health Ideas

Ideas To Budget For Your Health And Save Money

When most of us think about health on a budget, we think of eating nutritious organic food cheaply. But eating organic food is not the only factor to achieve our long term health goals. Regular exercise and careful planning of medical expenses are also important if we want to save money and stay healthy in […]

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