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Maintain Healthy Hair Even Through Rigorous Workouts

by Marcela De Vivo Getting regular exercise is essential for maintaining optimal health however, rigorous workouts, while they may be good for your body, can wreak havoc on your hair. Working out vigorously will cause you to sweat heavily, which could lead to dehydration if you aren’t careful. Dehydration can damage your hair, sapping it of its natural […]

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Healthy Meal on the Run for Busy Professionals

Top 10 Weight Loss Exercises that Busy Professionals Can Do in the Office

by James McDonnel Nowadays, busy professionals with desk jobs find it a Herculean task to keep fit and trim because they could barely spare the time to exercise. If you are one of these professionals, then fret not, you don’t have to spend time going to a gym. There are specific weight loss exercises you could […]

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Boot Camp for the Baby Bump – Safe Exercises for Pregnant Mothers

by Brenda Stevens As Ms. Universe 2000 winner Sushmita Sen aptly puts it, “motherhood is the essence of all women”, which is a basic truth that rings true across all generations. Unfortunately, pregnancy can also take its toll on the body. As the rush of hormones begins to take over, you can become susceptible to […]

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3 Simple Home Workouts That Take Less Than 10 Minutes a Day

by Jedha D You certainly don’t need to go and buy a gym membership in order to get fitter, healthier, tone up, and feel good. Despite what your goals are, you can do fast, effective home workouts that are just as beneficial. In fact I often prescribe a workout program that takes just 10 to […]

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