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If You Want a Healthy Body, Don’t Do These Exercises

by Amethyst Tagney Achieving physical fitness is a goal for many people. To combat the obesity epidemic, health has become a major priority in the United States, so everyone is doing what they can to move more and live healthier. There are many ways you can go about strengthening your body, but not all workout routines […]

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Losing Weight Naturally Over Time

Why to Avoid Extreme Diets and Workout Routines

by Jake Long We’ve all been through it, or know someone that’s been through it. Your friend is a major workout fanatic, and you want to get in shape. So one day you decide that you’re going to work out with him. He says, “Yeah, okay, that’s awesome.” He’s not really thinking about what condition your […]

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Group Exercise Photo

5 Fitness Crazes That Took the World by Storm

by Jorge Lopez There have been numerous fitness fads throughout the decades that have come and gone, while some are here to stay. The way and how much we exercise has also changed a lot: –  In the 1940s women basically didn’t exercise at all, in fear that exercise could damage the uterus (!) – […]

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Martial arts and body weight exercise at Echo Mountain

8 Reasons to Consider Bodyweight Exercises

by Brenda Wallace When many consider exercising, they think about going to the gym, lifting weights, and running on the treadmill.  There’s an entirely different world out there for exercise, one which was around long before the expensive gyms and the contraptions that can be found there.  Before the gym, people were exercising with bodyweight exercises. […]

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