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Looking Beyond the Good Deal for the Best Deal on Dental Work

by Adam Smith If you are looking to save money on dentistry, your mailbox is probably not the first place you should look. We have all seen them. In fact, you have probably seen multiple in the last week. I am talking about the dental advertisements. They are all pretty similar in content. “Free exam […]

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Child brushing teeth

Foods That Prevent Common Dental Problems

by Sarah Smith Most of us eat balanced diets and know the importance of proper nutrition to stay healthy, lose weight or just to feel good. Plus, a good, balanced diet will help to boost our immune system, keeping common colds and flus at bay. But did you know that what you eat affects the health […]

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dentist looking at child's teeth

Simple Ways to Keep Your Mouth and Wallet Happy

by Dr. Susan Estep Prevention is better than a cure and in the case of healthcare, especially dentistry – prevention is certainly cheaper than treatment. It is a well-known fact that preventive dental care is beneficial when adopted right from the early ages. However, most people find it quite challenging to stick to a regular […]

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Oral Hygiene Tips to Keep Your Breath Clean and Fresh

by Rebecca Schmorr Healthy oral hygiene is something that we all strive for. We all want to have the perfect pearly white teeth. We brush our teeth every day, we floss our teeth, we use mouthwash, and some of us even use the crest white stripes to make sure that our teeth stay white. This is […]

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